All the information you need to make a purchase decision with confidence

Home inspections typically take
approximately 2 - 3 hours depending on the size of the property.

You will receive your report within eight hours,
including photographs and recommendations.

Services include:

  • Pre-purchase home inspections;

  • Methamphetamine and heavy metal testing;

  • Asbestos sampling, surveys and
    management planning.

  • Practical completion inspections.

Pre-purchase Home Inspections

Easy to understand pre-purchase home inspections

You’ve found a house you love, but as the saying goes, ‘don’t be too quick to judge a book by its cover’ – what you see is not necessarily always what you get.

For example, you may be living happily in your home for months until the first heavy rains leave your downstairs flooded. Or the onset of winter brings the stink of mould your eyes can’t detect. Don’t leave it to chance.

The simplicity and clarity you need to make an
informed decision

Too many pre-purchase inspections are thick on detail that leave the prospective buyer overwhelmed and confused. Get It Inspected’s job is to simplify the report so you understand what works, what doesn’t and what might stop working
down the line.

Don’t be left guessing. Talk to Get It Inspected about getting your pre-purchase property inspection today.


Asbestos sampling, surveys and
management planning

Pre-1990 properties should be inspected for silent killer asbestos

Asbestos kills an estimated 170 Kiwis ever single year and no amount of asbestos exposure is considered safe. If your property is pre-1990, don’t leave it to chance – get it inspected today.

  • Get It Inspected's inspectors and surveyors are BOHS IP402 Qualified.

  • Get It Inspected’s reports and processes meet the
    requirements of Worksafe New Zealand.

  • Samples are tested by International Accreditation
    New Zealand labs.

Methamphetamine and heavy
metal testing

Methamphetamine contamination is still a growing issue
in New Zealand

While most New Zealanders are at low risk of buying a property with dangerous levels of methamphetamine (P) contamination, usage of the drug is pervasive throughout New Zealand and rising rapidly as more and more people are becoming heavy users. Real estate agents are not obliged to tell you if the property has levels of meth contamination at less than 15 micrograms per 100cm2.

Exposure to heavy meth contamination is linked, especially to children, to asthma-like symptoms and behaviour changes including anxiety, skin irritations and insomnia. For a clean bill of health, talk to Get It Inspected today about assessing whether the property you are about to purchase has a meth contamination problem.

In addition to testing for the presence of methamphetamine contamination, Get It Inspected will also assess the property for clues such as chemical stains and discoloured drains.


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